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Redefining elegance in B2B spaces with eco-conscious bedding and home décor, crafted by local artisans


Embroidery Category


Kitchen - Embroidery 

Explore a delightful range of exquisitely embroidered kitchen essentials, blending style and functionality flawlessly.



Explore our exquisite collection of embroidered essentials, including duvet covers, bedsheets, pillowcases, and more.

New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Discover the allure of our new arrivals: exquisite, nature-inspired home decor and bedding solutions await!

Top Products

Uncover the buyer's favorites: explore our top selected products for impeccable home decor and bedding solutions.

Beautiful linen napkins with hempstich embroidery

Linen Table Cloth with graceful hempstitch embroidery

Elegant Hempstitch Linen Napkin Embroidery

Linen Napkins with Lovely Grape Embroidery

Linen Placemat with Exequite Hempstich Embroidery

Elegant Water Hyacinth Organizer Basket with Textile Trim and Handles

Seagrass Basket with handles in Boho Zigzag Pattern

Twisted Waving Water Hyacinth Basket

Unique Design Water Hyacinth Basket with handes in Natural Color

Round Water Hyacinth Storage Basket with Cut out Handles

Pursue Excellence

Delivers trend-inspired, cutting-edge products to valued customers


Seamless purchasing, precision consultations. Our team excels in embroidery, weaving, and seamless service


Sustainable solutiosn with hemp saves water, seagrass and water hyacinth for natural home accessories.

One-of-a-kind combination

Unique textile embroidery and handicrafts in Ninh Binh. Simplifying supplier sourcing for brand departments.

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